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Pink Green Floss Saree

Pink Green Floss Saree Pakistani Sarees, Designer Wedding Sarees UK, USA, Canada, Australia Pink Green Floss Saree

Top: Deep pink Charmeuse silk blouse having sequined lines on neckline, sleeve cuffs, and hem with embroidery work all over. Fully lined. Concealed zip closure on back. Bottom/Saree: Green ombre Charmeuse silk Saree ..details Meco Saree Saree, Bridal Saree, Wedding Saree UK, USA, Canada Meco Saree

Top: Solid yellow Charmeuse silk blouse adorned with heavy antique silver floral work from both front and back. Wide strap neck. Concealed zip closure on back. Fully lined. Bottom/Sari: Solid yellow Charmeuse silk Saree having wide ..details

Blue Ombre Macarena Saree Indian / Pakistani Sarees UK, USA, Canada, Australia Blue Ombre Macarena

Top: Burgundy strapless charmeuse blouse. Fully lined. Concealed back hook closure. Bottom/Saree: Blue Ombre chiffon Saree having heavy embroidery work on pallu. Small ornamental motifs all over. Draped and stitched. Comes ..details Marius Saree Designer Wedding Saree, Formal Saree UK, USA, Canada, Australia Marius Saree

Top: Off white brassiere top having heavy embellishments on shoulder along with small ornamental motifs all over. Gold piping edges. Fully lined. Concealed front hook closure. Bottom/Sari: Gold chiffon Saree-Lehenga having heavy ..details

Nube Saree Indian Sarees, Pakistani Sarees UK, USA, Canada, Australia - Bridal Saress Nube Saree

Top: Desert Maize Charmeuse silk blouse having sweetheart neck. Amazing floral embellishments on front and back side of the top. Front hook closure. Fully lined. Piping edges. Saree: Desert Maize chiffon Saree ..details Nimbus Saree Indian / Pakistani Designer Saree UK, USA, Canada, Australia Nimbus Saree

Top: Oyster white crinkle chiffon jamawar blouse. Victorian embellished long wing collar. V front. Sequins spray all over. Finished with piping edges. Fully lined. Concealed hook closure on back. Bottom/Sari: ..details

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Bargello an online Pakistani Fashion Boutique Carries Pakistani Sari, Bridal Sari, Designer Sari and Indian Saree, Low Shipping Cost in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.

About Saris (Sarees)
A sari (also spelled saree) is the traditional garment worn by many women in the Indian subcontinent. The garment is known by different names in various Indian languages; in Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi, it is known as sadi in Kannada as seere; in Telugu as 'chee-ra and in Tamil as podavai.

The sari is long strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from five to nine yards in length, which can be draped in various styles. The most common style is for the sari to be wrapped around the waist, with one end then draped over the shoulder. The sari is usually worn over a petticoat (called lehenga/ghagra in northern India and pavada/pavadai in the south) and a low-cut, short-sleeved, midriff-baring blouse known in north India as a choli.

Styles of draping
The most common style of draping the sari is wrapped around the waist, then one end is draped over the shoulder. However, the sari can be draped in several different styles, though some styles do require a sari of a particular length or form. The French cultural anthropologist and sari researcher, Chantal Boulanger, categorizes sari drapes in the following families. Each family may contain many, slightly different styles.

Bridal Sari
Designer Sari
Indian Saree

Friendship Bracelet

Martine Wester Friendship Bracelet
Friendship Bracelet Full Colors
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Bunch of Friendship Bracelets by Kimaba
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