my life in fashion :5.caught up in a nice short-term lessons


my life in fashion :5.caught up in a short-term lessons 

stupidly,most of my people,seeing the foreigner a.k.a western people as the holy mighty rich and handsome tourist who might became their best partner to have a better life,better children,especially a single and young foreigner like mr.G,the customer of my boss.for them,especially girls,seeing him was like seeing  one best chance maybe to fulfill their dreams,or atleast,to get our boss appreciate them better.i hate the way of their thinking and they way they sucked up to the,when my 
boss chose me over them,they burst to anger,meanwhile there was nothing they could do 
since the boss was in my side,all for the sake of his trust for the job to me.atfirst, it felt 
awkward for me to be his assistant,cause of our my mind i was thinking maybe he 
dislike me,but he wasn't that kind of person. he treated fairly based on the job.and so, i could 
get along with him just fine and we worked together for couple of months.the people who 
used to treat me badly,they slowly turned to do things the opposite way,they tried being nice to 
actually i could not trust them when i remembered what they've done to me back then.but 
in the end i just ignored them,since atleast i got a little peace in my mind out of their 
disturbing behaviors.yet another thing came up as my boss hired more new designers,his new 
secretary and my friend from the branch office moved here to work with me as the receptionist.
since mr.G is also quite handsome and friendly person,all the single girls in the office keep 
their eyes on him.

I didn't really care about all the unimportant things,i got stressed for adjusting to the job new level,coz before i just designed clothes for local market and now i had to learn new designs and techniques for europe market.its kinda hard but my boss kept on encouraging me not to give up, he trusted me that i would be able to do it.after sometimes,yes, i did it, and mr.G was super kind 
to taught me new things i dont know before,such as lending me his laptop so that i could learn 
making design in the computer,not only manually drawing it.and also taught me other things 
concerning all about the market that he'd done for the past 10years.we have discussed alot and i was glad be friended with him beside the job.

but too bad that didn't last long enough.many frictions,many problems occured,had made me took a huge decision in the end,although everything was great in the beginning.

another hand drawing design

i dont know when was the last time i've done sort of design as this,since for the last 7years i do all in the computer.although sometimes yes i still use my manual hand drawing but nothing in detail as this picture.actually its more alive and great when i draw but somehow maybe for now is not necessary to make something like this again.

the air brushed banner products of the flying agaric

i put this banner to show some of the products from the company i currently work .the art made by bali artist with airbrush.i admire and respect them for making such a nice and cool banner,since i might not be able to make as good as this(i still have a lot to learn :)). dont mistake me for putting this as if i have the product but if u like to order u just go ahead visit the web: or send the email to

handmade ethnic bags

these bags are my friends productions.well handmade and good quality bags.for order you can contact, or ask me for further info of the products through my email. there are still many designs soon to the image to enlarge.cheers 

my favorite fashion brand:4.custo barcelona


he Dalmau brothers, Custo and David, created Custo Barcelona in the early 80’s after a long trip during which they travelled all around the world. Their journey allowed them to discover not only new landscapes but the most varied of artistic, cultural and philosophical expressions.

Amongst the things they found to be most worthy of interest were the typically Californian style they saw on the surfers who lived in the southern part of the state and the psychedelic look they observed in the northern part. The brothers were impressed by the colorful and innovative fashion trends they came across, and in particular the style of the tops and T-shirts which didn’t exist in Spain in those days.

Using the above as a starting point, the brand was launched under the name “Custo Line”. The Dalmau brothers got to work and learned everything there was to know about printing techniques and finishings, paying special attention to graphic design, a field they felt particularly comfortable with. Through time, their research on the use of color and prints has given risen rise to designs that are innovative, bold and sophisticated.

Later on, all kinds of new garments were introduced to complement Custo Barcelona’s trademark printed tops, like skirts, trousers and coats, thus giving rise to complete collections.Nowadays it could be said that Custo Barcelona is a style in itself; one that, to a certain extent, embodies a specific lifestyle.

comment:i like their full printed tshirts.i knew this label from my dear friend also boss of mine. cool designs!and their colorful line of clothes are just to fornarina to me

one.nine.nine new collections(updated)

these are the the new collections of tshirts from one.nine.nine, for order  you can send me through email or click price is very competitive and not expensive but is in good image to enlarge

fashionable celebrity:4.melly goeslaw

this one is a local celebrity from my country,but she's very famous as the queen of movie soundtracks makers.and she has been a widely known as a great song writer for herself, her bands and other singers.i like the way she dressed herself in a different and unique way from ordinary people.clothes,make ups,hair styles, always changes from time to time.i heard soon enough she will held her own concert.i admire her for being different and have her own unique personality and appearance, not to mention great voice too.( click here for complete info of her-in indonesian language) 

rigi:unapproved designs of mine


i made this a few years ago.back then i was asked by my sister to help her with her work.but unfortunately she said none of them fit to the owner's taste.anyway i'll keep it as my work file. but if anyone see this in actual tshirt than who knows the person in that company indeed stole the idea without paying the rights.i've been there before(somebody stole the idea,it was not a surprise anymore). 

my life in jungle called job society

my life in fashion: jungle called job society

after i finished my schools in both english and fashion for one year almost in the same time,luckily, the vacancy from both of my studies was already english school offered me to be one of their teacher/staff for the english course,and i was also accepted in in small boutique. finally,since i couldn't do both,i had to choose one of them,i prefered the design's job.all for the sake of classic reason,money.i wanted to start saving some money of my own and also gave some for my parent as my gratitude towards them  for all this time.

from my first experience in work until then, there were many things i in goodness and bad,happiness and sadness,friendship,betrayal,love,achievements.altogether has brought me into who i am first, for me,entering the new job situation was like entering one wild jungle,i couldn't differenciate between good or bad people,what was proper to be done or not, all the unwritten rules all over the for my first job they've eaten me alive,since i wasn't be able to survive cause of my innocence and naive for my second job after i graduated from schools,in the beginning i was learning a lot,started by dealing with the customers,direct drawings and had been given more responsibilities in my duty.the boutique actually taught me many things,but the fun and the knowledge went by as my boss told me to moved to the new branch office.almost all the time i just sat down waiting and bored to death cause the lack of,when once i visited my school to take my certificate,they told me about one famous company open a vacancy for designer.they told me to participate and i did as they said.i finally accepted there and quit from the boutique after working for months.

right in this place,i've faced a lot more than i've ever imagined before. humiliation, betrayal, friendship, enemies and love. all came at the same times as long as i was there for more than one year.when i started to work,no warm welcome from everybody there,but only a suspicious faces as if lions set a target to their meals,ready to bite. and infact in the beginning of my job,the only one whose nice to me was only my for the other i didn't know why,they're just put their faces down almost all the time and talked about me in a very horrible way.i didnt know what mistake i've made,but they're just love to humiliate me especially one girl who seemed to dislike me from the start.for some times i've cried but tried to hold on cause one thing in my mind that made me stayed,i must not ever gave up to them as my first job,it 'll be them who lose,not me.

until one day the fortune fell upon me by his appearance.the customer of my boss from abroad. and i was the one whose chosen to be his assistant and made the seniors in the company couldn't close their mouths from the surprise decision of my boss.despite the contrast differences in appearance(i am a moslem girl with hijab) and him(a common european guy),he appreciated me based on professional thinking not by personal.we're getting closer and became friends,that made everyone set a jealous eyes.especially when my boss was counting on me more and more.i couldn't thank him enough for trusting me,for the chances he gave me.but the journey still going on in the next day.(2bcontinued)


my favorite clothing style: 4.neji and akatsuki from naruto


i really like neji's costume when he was still a young boy in the story the same as hinata.but the grown up costume of his i dislike cause its too simple.

it attracted and inspired me to make the cut and combination for the jacket design.

as for the akatsuki design i saw one man use the jacket(not cloak/coat) yesterday night.inspite of the character as the villain in the story but it doesn't stop the fans using it as one of their favorite clothes.i like it but not to use it fully as it is,cause its too outstanding and clearly attract the attention from people who see it.maybe a little changes needed for this.(check if u like to order)

my designs for children clothes prints


these are my designs from years ago,it has been a very long time, since the last time i make something like this.

the design was for casual and sporty type of t-shirts. 

another handmade gifts


these are some other products after the key holder/phone holder.

wallets,pins, mobile phone cases,or pencil cases.

if any of you interested in this, you can contact me on my email or click

America’s Vs Britain’s Next Top Fashion Model

The Tyra Banks franchise’s current series has just reached its sorry end in America, whilst the UK version is finding its fifth’s ‘cycle’s’ feet at present. For some reason, instead of calling them seasons, or series, they refer to every new showing as a ‘cycle’.It’s a weird turn of phrase as there’s nothing rotary about the process. If it was cyclic, surely the models would end up anonymous again, back where they started, come the season finale?

I never did quite understand that.

Watching the British version whilst simultaneously digesting the original has been a disconcerting experience. After so many years, the Americans have evolved theirs into a super-slick, rapid-fire beast in which every non task-based scene is heavily scripted and edited within an inch of its life - and the presence of cameramen in their penthouse in the ‘reality’ sections suggest there are a few prepared lines going on there too. In contrast, the British version is a cheap and frail little runt-sister, desperately trying to emulate its successful sibling and failing time and time again.

So - a closer look at what marks the differences between the UK show and its well-oiled originator. And time to mark them out of ten, because then this piece will at least have some direction.
The Host

As mentioned, Banks heads up the US version. For someone like me who comes to the show blind, only vaguely aware of her persona over the Atlantic, Tyra Banks is simply an infuriating, self-obsessed berk with hair that continues to astonish. Her weave seems to become wavier and wavier as time goes on and by episode ten her wig looks like hawk-wings protruding from her temples, giving her the ethereal, goddess-like frame she desires. And she is actually treated as a deity on the show, blasting out leaden, self-crafted soundbites of pure turd - every one consumed by the starving models as though the word of God was being channeled through a past-it swimsuit model in an overlit studio.

‘Smile with your eyes’ she implores endlessly whilst demonstrating the move, pulling the expression of a cat that’s being rectally examined.

On our side of the pond, we get off lightly. Lisa Snowdon is irritating, but only in that she attempts to emulate Banks whilst incorporating a matey, ladette-show into the act. The effect, whilst painful to watch, is nowhere near as fist-clenchingly nauseating as Banks’ gurn-show. Snowdon is also adored by the models - but in a bizarrely regal way rather than as an omniscient being. This is just about acceptable.

The Judges

This ‘cycle’, the UK version has a new recruit in the mind-scarring shape of Louis Mariette. Presumably the producers saw that The X Factor had a ‘Louis’ on board and decided that anybody camp who was named Louis would fit the Louis bill. The problem is that Mariette is as feeble-tongued as he is extravagantly flamboyant. He may walk the walk, in the most camp manner possible, but he can’t ejaculate the kind of bullshit that riddles the Top Model universe. And that’s disastrous for the show.

On the other hand, Huggy Ragnarrson, the ‘top photographer’ (with the tiny ‘folio, going by the same three shots they show weekly) more than makes up for his lack of presence. With her swaying lower jaw that seems to dangle on a hanger below her shrivelled head alongside those dry-pea eyeballs, she looks she’s melting. And she’s a right bitch.

In the US Banks takes a bit of a backseat and has ‘Miss Jay Alexander’, a tall transvestite with bizarre fashion taste who takes the reins from time to time, showing the girls how to walk - something I learned to do years ago. Another man called Jay, with spiked white hair and a Jack Frost look sometimes assists with photoshoots, posing and slagging people off. Then there’s Brit Nigel Barker, a shaven headed smoothie with a grating transatlantic accent and Paulaskina Popallover, apparently a WORLD famous supermodel according to Banks, except I’ve never heard of her.

The Contestants

The American models are, for the most part, bloody good looking. Obviously they bitch about one another, fall over and fart like normal girls but, for the most part, they look like proper models. The only glaring problem with the American contestants is that the producers always feel the need to include a misfit, despite the modeling game being essentially an offshoot of the cloning industry. Thus, in earlier series we had plus-sizes included in the mix, which built up to transgendered contestants and, in the most recent series, a heavily scarred girl among the hopefuls. These sob-story contestants rarely get past the eighth week, which somehow makes it even worse.

There are undoubtedly some very beautiful girls in the UK version, but they more often than not don’t fit the emaciated-equine look that the fashion world demands of its clothes-hangers. Therefore, the majority of the ladies will never be Top Models. Therefore, the whole show is pointless.


The UK set resembles a smashed New Look warehouse. The lighting is either overbearing or unremittingly dim. Thanks to the camera-work, the girls look either acne-ridden, haggard or green. Their penthouse is shabby. Their photo-shoot sets are always labeled ‘urban’ but look like the scene of any number of sex-crimes. Must try harder.

Across the pond, the Americans throw a lot more money at their cinematography to the point where everything looks glossy and otherworldly, like some Dollhouse vision of artificial perfection. It’s unnerving watching these hyper-real people interacting in a sterile, sexless environment, but at least they make the effort.

Final Score!

We’ve deliberated and I think we’ve found the winner.
- UK - 18 points
- USA - 24 points

my favorite fashion brand: 3.g-star


G-Star RAW (commonly called just G-Star) is a Dutch clothing company that produces fashionable urban clothing. It became a very popular clothing brand among students in Europe. Their clothing is frequently used in runway modeling. It was showcased at the New York Fashion Week in 2008. [1]

G-Star was originally named Gap Star but decided to change their name upon going international. The brand specializes in making RAW denim - an unwashed, untreated denim in which all jeans start out as after being constructed. G-Star is influenced by European fashion trends as well as by military clothing. Inspirations of their designs come from vintage military apparel bought from around the world. Some examples include special mobile-phone pockets and zippered arm pockets on jackets.

G-Star's flagship store is located in New York City, United States; however, the brand is far more famous in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and other European countries. It is planned that the flagship store will go when G-Star has established itself in the American clothing market.(click here for complete info)

comment: i like the brand especially,the designs for the !!

fashion legend :yvest saint laurent

Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, known as Yves Saint Laurent (August 1 1936 – June 1 2008)[1][2], was an Algerian-born French fashion designer who was considered one of the greatest figures in French fashion in the 20th century[3]. In 1985, Caroline Rennolds Milbank wrote, "The most consistently celebrated and influential designer of the past twenty-five years, Yves Saint Laurent can be credited with both spurring the couture's rise from its sixties ashes and with finally rendering ready-to-wear reputable".click here for more info

for fashion brand of here for the complete info

comment: he was famous for the luxurious appearance in the designs.

fashionable celebrity:3.the olsen twins

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen (born June 13, 1986) are American actresses, best known for playing the role of Michelle Tanner on the sitcom Full House. Both have appeared in television and films since infancy. Since then, they have continued their celebrity through numerous television programs, films, interviews, as well as commercial endorsements. They are fraternal twins but prefer the term individual here for complete info

comment: i like their styles and they are one of the perfect roles for young people with their successful career and business.(photos belong the copyright holders)  

my favorite clothing style:3.unique designs


these two are the sample of design from agatha luiz de la sorry if i misspell it. i love how the idea is taken from our daily things.very unique. although maybe for some people they wouldn't dare to wear it in daily life but only for costume party or special event. as for the eggs or the bread,if they were smaller and put as pins for bags or as bags,maybe more acceptable to bring everywhere (^_^)**

(the photos 're belong to the copyrights holder not me) 

printed woven label and polybag


these are my work that has been produced for the company i worked.the woven label is mostly for winter jackets and the polybag is for giving away when some customers buy the products(clothes,accessories,bags). 

the jacket sample


this is my design from longtime never gone through production.but i just want to show the sample of the jacket as the model and stitching.if u r interested just email me.

handmade keyholder or phone accessories


here are new handmade keyholders with many options from fruits,animal to things around us.

the price is quite cheap,for childrens or cute young girls.or even anyone who interested in this.enjoy!

for order or u can also email me at 

Vanessa Hessler Top Fashion Model and Supermodel

Name: Vanessa Hessler
Nationality: Italian
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Date of Birth: January 21, 1988
Place of Birth: Rome, Italy
Height: 5'11" ; 180cm
Measurements: (US) 33.5-25-36 ; (EU) 85-63.5-91.5
Dress Size: (US) 6 ; (EU) 36
Shoe Size: (US) 9 ; (EU) 41
Vanessa Hessler Top Fashion Model and Supermodel

Profile with personal datas of model Vanessa Hessler,Vanessa Hessler Photos,Vanessa Hessler Biography,Vanessa Hessler Magazine Covers,Vanessa Hessler Advertisements.
Vanessa Hessler Top Fashion Model and Supermodel
Vanessa Hessler Top Fashion Model and Supermodel
- Elite Model Management - New York
- Munich Models
- Model Management - Hamburg
- Glamour Model Management - Italy
- Delphoss model agency
- Elite Model Management - Barcelona
- E Management - NY
Vanessa Hessler Top Fashion Model and Supermodel
Airfield, Alice, Avon, DSL, Ermanno Scervino, Gattinoni, Gilli, Just Cavalli, Korff, L'Oréal, NaraCamicie, Sand

Magazine Covers:
- France: 'Madame Figaro' - November 03, 2007; 'Cosmopolitan' - February 2008
- Germany: 'TV Spielfilm'- September 18, 2004; 'Amica' - June 2007
- Italy: 'GQ'- February 2004; 'Max' - April 2006
- Spain: 'DT' - May 2008; 'Woman' - May 2008
Fashion Shows: Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2004 {Fendi, Gattinoni, RoccoBarocco, Mariella Burani}

Vanessa Hessler Top Fashion Model and Supermodel

Profile with personal datas of Top Fashion model Vanessa Hessler, Vanessa Hessler Photos, Vanessa Hessler Biography, Vanessa Hessler Magazine Covers, Vanessa Hessler Advertisements.