New Arrivals - 2011 By Red Tree | Red Tree Eid Kurta Salwaar for Men | RED TREE NEW ARRIVALS - 2011 KURTA

Red Tree Kurta Shalwar For Eid Ul Azha 2011-12
Fashions fade but style remains. What we wear, what we say, and what makes us a little crazy, tells a lot about youth culture. Its all about “Being is time”
The idea is not grubby for the Red Tree Brand that was born around last year; when some tex-Grad’s bozos met and gear up to get the right image for Pakistan (i) clothing that will give the tie up competition to known Brands. Our common pursuit of "clean" we want to change the way other thinks about one. We don’t have a targeted mass market but we do consider the price factor. Styles were a constant topic of conversation between us and among our friends. When we would find or learn of a product that just *might* be ok, we'd tell everyone we knew. Soon it came to pass that friends used us as a resource for such items- the questions began: why not do this as a full-time gig? “Walk a mile in our style”.
So the bunch of tex-geeks join hands, starting working out with out goofing around, we put on the cacks & start kicking the racks.