AshPoopie burns away an age-old problem

I’m sure all dog owners will agree that cleaning up after a dog is a very necessary, but disgusting, activity. I have a thirteen-year-old Labrador who defecates every time we go uphill. It is something that I have to watch out for and clean up afterwards.
This particular product, the AshPoopie, is designed to make scooping a thing of the past. It works with a heating element inside of it that incinerates dog feces into a pile of sterile, odorless ash. So much for cleaning up after one’s dog.
It works with the claw on at the end that encloses the (insert funny word for dog feces here) that operates at the touch of a button. The other button burns the (use same word in parenthesis above), and this fiery reaction is caused by an “AshPoopie cartridge”.