Strong Mental Health

Scale of Measurement

What constitutes the mental health of a person? Society has a different way of examining the mental heath of an individual than God does which is a problem because this becomes the standard for life itself when God is the light and life of the world.

The World Health Organization defines mental health as "a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community"

There is no concrete definition ascribe to the word mental health but according to the design of the soul, this statement fits the profile for the souls increase, which God testifies to (Matt 22:37-39). The soul was made by God to increase itself through the expression of faith (love God) and charity (love thy neighbor).

The Design of the Soul

Subconsciously man understands the design and function of the soul but can't be productive with it without the knowledge of God. This is where the term "honest living" comes from. You increase your self and others at the same time through your profession. You provide for yourself and carry society at the same time through your vocation, job or career.

Society measures mental health in this way but this is not the record which Jesus Christ set for life. It is acceptable to God to function in society by this definition (Luke 20:25), but an abomination to Him when this is the purpose and pleasure of your life. (John 12:25)(Revelation 4:11)


If man can project his needs being met then he has rest and peace. As a society we think everything would be better for ourselves if we had a better job, more money, more friends, a better car, a wife, a husband etc. However in most cases these things are not a factor at all because the soul simply can't be filled with them. (John 4:13)(Matt 4:4) Further more we see both rich and poor unsatisfied with these things of the world when they try to increase with them, which results in extreme to moderate cases such as suicide and boredom. This is evidence of death which is a product of the law of sin.

Not only is this law (sin and death) incompatible with the soul but through it we dishonor God and destroy our neighbor through it's practice. Man replaced his faith with an aspiration (a power and likeness that rivals God) and charity with his principle (his own truths about that likeness and power) for a boast.

Satan: The Devils Work?

Satan has the reputation of being evil, which is a correct assumption because he is the father of it. Although many people may be educated in this fact (and would not willingly side with Satan), they still are not able to identify his face in the things of the world and fall victim to his wiles.

People understand that hatred, anger, depression, fornication, variance, emulation, depression, suicide etc are destructive things (that result because of sin and death) but cannot separate themselves from that power.

It is the perception behind the activity that destroys the soul. The perception that the world is ours for the taking. This mindset is actually what causes mental health problems. Mental heath is defined by God as a clear perception of the face of Christ. Insanity is defined by the exact opposite; a distorted perception of life which Satan mars through His false knowledge. God restores a clear perception of life through His own knowledge and the mind is again sound in it's thinking.